What's New in 1.10

Welcome to Tokaido 1.10! This release introduces the a refactored version of tok test where we've moved from using Nightwatch to Testcafe.

The New "tok test"

In older versions of Tokaido, running tok test would bootstrap the Nightwatch tests that ship as part of Drupal Core (8.6 or higher). After resolving that there was a lack of support and community interest in Nightwatch for Drupal, we've moved to using TestCafe with a small number of out-of-the-box tests that we've written in our own npm module.

Adopting TestCafe introduces a number of really awesome features that weren't previously available:

  • Adding new tests beyond the basics that we include is easier, with more examples and documentation available
  • Test artifacts like screenshots and videos work out-of-the-box
  • Tests are a bit faster (although still a bit slower due to Docker Volume instances)

Check out documentation to learn more or just run tok test to get started.

Static Port for the Database

You can now specify a static port that the database container will always listen on for your project:

tok config-set global project database port XXXX

Where XXXX is a port number between 1024 and 65535. This is a local configuration option and won't be committed back to your repo.

Container Updates

  • [admin] Bumped from Node 8 LTS to Node 10 LTS
  • [admin] Removed the 'show-logs' script. This drops some Node dependencies to make the container a bit lighter, and because the script wasn't very good or useful.
  • [php] bump PHP 7.1.29 to 7.1.31
  • [php] bump PHP 7.2.18 to 7.2.21
  • [php] bump PHP 7.3.5 to 7.3.8

Minor Fixes

Here's a quick run-down of all the little things that also made it into Tokaido 1.10:

  • Fixed (hopefully) an issue where certain Terminals were unable to wrap text properly #186
  • Tuned how snapshots are taken so that the full database is included #177
  • Fixed an issue where user-specific settings were leaking into the shared project config.yml #185

Thanks as always for using Tokaido and a huge thanks to our friends at Technocrat for all their assistance helping with testing for this release.

Notice something wrong? Shoot us a PR!