Why should I use Tokaido?

When it comes to launching local development environments, we believe Tokaido is both the most power and user-friendly option. It achieves this easy of use without sacrificing functionality or control. In fact, Tokaido can do just about anything.

Tokaido for Drupal Veterans

If you're a seasoned Drupal developer you've probably spent a lot of time with Tokaido's predecessors like DrupalVM, Lando, or Docker4Drupal. While these are incredibly powerful and mature tools, we think they rely too much on the fact that you're a senior developer.

What we mean by that is that other tools in this class are harder to use than they should be. DrupalVM is extremely powerful, but you need to spend a lot of time learning how to use it before you can really use it.

At the same time, Docker-based utilities like Docker4Drupal require a lot of understanding of how Docker and Docker Compose work, and there's still a lot of manual tweaking required to get things working just right.

Tokaido doesn't require you do really learn Tokaido. You can just go and use it. The tok command line interface exposes a lot of power and shortcuts with commands like up, new, and open, that are simple to use and save you time.

Tokaido for Drupal Newcomers

If you're new to Drupal, first of all: Welcome! We're so excited to have you join our amazing community of passionate open source developers and content creators.

Like the seasoned Drupal Veterans, you will benefit from using Tokaido because of streamlined it is. As a new Drupal developer, you undoubtedly want to do some Drupal development. When compared with other tools, Tokaido will offer you no resistance when it comes to getting a Drupal site up and running on your local machine.

Don't believe us? Just install Tokaido and run tok newto see how easy it is to do Drupal development with Tokaido.

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