Apache Solr

Tokaido includes support for Apache Solr 6.6. We use a custom container that extends the official Docker Solr 6.6 Slim image.


Apache Solr is not enabled by default because of it's hefty memory usage.

To enable Solr, you can run tok config-set services solr enabled trueor add the following YAML to your .tok/config.yml file your site's Git repository.

    enabled: true

This container currently launches by default and creates a core called drupal.

You can access the Solr web interface using the exposed Solr port by running tok open solr

This default core includes the Solr conf directory from search_api_solr release 8.x-2.0

Inside your Drupal site, you can reach the Solr container using the hostname solr on the default port 8983. This should work with only the minimal, default config.

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