Starting a New Drupal Project

Tokaido can be used to launch a new Drupal 7 or 8 project in just a few minutes, with the tok new command.

new* *launches a new project using a specially-built Drupal 8 Composer Template which configures a project with the relevant Drupal modules to make the best use of Tokaido.

new* *takes two optional arguments:

  • A project name that will be used as the directory name for your project
  • An Drupal template name

When you run new and choose a template, you're choosing a template from a list of weekly or nightly Drupal 7 and 8 builds. These are build templates that you can contribute to, so that your team can have their own publicly available standard build.

You can review the templates over here:

Using tok new from start to finish

  • Navigate to the directory one level beneath where you'd like Tokaido to create your project. For example, say you want to create a site called "mysite" to be located in in ~/code/mysite To do this, you'd simply navigate to ~/code
  • Next, use tok new to launch the New site configuration. It will prompt you for your project name and template
  • Tokaido will now create a site for you using the template you specified.
  • When the install process is finished, you can move into your directory and start using Tokaido and Drupal right away
  • To access the environment, you can run ssh mysite.tok or follow the instructions that Tokaido outputs.

What exactly does tok new do?

With new, you're really just taking a shortcut for the following actions:

  • Run composer create-project to launch a new Drupal 8 site
  • Runtok up to launch a new Tokaido environment
  • Run drush site-install {profile-name}to install Drupal inside the Tokaido environment
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